Welcome to our company. The company Babadayhan was opened in 2011. Our company is known for its high quality, good price, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. We are the leading company in Turkmenistan of Kashmiri wool, raw leather (sheepskin, goatskin and wet salted cowhides), sheepskin and Turkmen carpets. We have been doing this business for 25 years. Most of our customers buy only raw materials from us. For example, we supply cashmere wool, sheepskin, goat skin and wet salted cow skins only as raw. Basically, we supply our goods to southeast Asia, southern Asia and Turkey. We are a medium-sized company. We have 30-35 employees in our company.

You can contact us at any time on this Telefon number:

Our Telefon number: +993 65862068

Our E-Mail address:   info@babadayhan.com