• Goat Skin

  • Goat Skin

Goat Skin

We supply goat skins with wool as raw to our customers. We can deliver up to 25.000 goat skins every month. Our goat skins are sorted and salted.
The customers can order the goat skins according to their wishes. For example: as dry, as semi-dry or as wet.

Salted Goat skins from Turkmenistan, the skin size from 5/11 sqft with an average of 8.75 sqft.
The Wool length is 2mm - 4mm
For quality reasons we prefer to sell these Goat skins  in dry Salted or Wet Salted.
The minimum order is 1 container with approx  5000-6000Wet Salted  Goat skins  on pallets or dry Salted.

100% machine flayed, hand salted

all tight Nappa Grain.

Size: 7-11sq.ft.

Average size: approx. 8.75 sq.ft.

Selection: 80% A,20% B

1x40ft container: approx. 7000 pieces

Availability:3 container Monthy


Totally clean and without ribs, holesor open damges.
All first quality ( no holes,no cuts not reheated)