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Turkmen Carpets


We are Turkmen carpets supplier in Turkmenistan. We supply wool carpets and silk carpets. Customers can order or choose from the provided carpets.

     Turkmenistan is famous for its carpets, which are regarded by carpet experts as descendants of the purest and oldest carpet-weaving traditions in Central Asia.

     Turkmen carpets are prized for their quality, rich colors and lovely geometric and floral designs. They have traditionally been brilliant red and decorated with indigo, black and white designs. The red has been traditionally made with madder and rubia tinctorum, an herb that produces extraordinarily brilliant and long-lasting reds. Other colors come from beetle dyes. The best ones are made with the soft, curled grey, black or brown wool from the pelts of Karakul or Sarajin sheep.

     Modern classification divides the Turkmen rugs into three groups: 1) Teke rugs, Akhal-Teke rugs, Pendi rugs; 2) Yomut rugs, Choudour rugs; and 3) Beshir rugt, Kerki rugs, Kizylayak rugs. All these groups are differed from each other by decorations, patterns, coloring, density and height of a pile. In turn, the rugs in each group are united by various designs which have their own beauty.